4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Home

  1. I agree!, but I need more mugs. I buy mugs from many places, where I feel at home. I have some Finnish mugs, Swedish mugs and English mugs. And some of my friends have given me mugs and I like them because I feel at home with those friends.. My husband also gave me a mug as the first present when we started to go steady. Its a really precious mug! And it´s actually nicer to drink coffee from a mug than from a tiny coffee cup. Or what do you think?? Have a wonderful winter and springtime and good moments with good pictures!:)

    • Hehe! I have so many mugs, I keep buying some if they are really nice. I have my favourite mug for coffee, my favourite one for espresso coffee, my favourite one for tea… and so on:-) I offer mugs and I have been offered mugs. When I moved into my new office, for example, I was offered one of those ceramic mugs that look like the papercups from coffeeshops. It’s so cool:-) Wow, maybe we can open a “Mugs Anonymous” Support group for people addicted to mugs like us:-)
      Have a great time too! Still rainy/snowy here but I like winter😀

  2. Mugs are good for your heart:)
    Love to drink tea with honey from it.

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