8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Delicate

  1. Oh, I love the winter drops!

  2. Sara, I love the burst of Spring colour – J :-)

    • Hi Jane, thank you! :-D
      I’m reading your blog. Wow, what an adventure you are living. Very inspiring! Best of luck with the book! :-D

      • You are kind Sara….if I can keep thinking of it as an adventure then there’s space for magic. My first book got totally lost (not meant to be!) so I am just starting a new one. I love your photographs. :-)

      • Thank you for your comments! I’m really happy that you like my photos :-D This spring I’ve decided to bring my camera with me all the time. I often think of taking a photo but then regret not having the good camera on me, just the phone :-(

        I’ve also lost some of my poems. That was years ago and it made me so sad initially, but it eventually pushed me to write more poems. Then a friend suggested I made a coffeetable book combining them with some of my photos. It sounded crazy but I did it (self-published). Nothing, compared to a proper book. But you never know where creativity will take you. It takes courage to follow it. That’s why I call it an adventure ;-)
        So… Just enjoy the journey! :-D

  3. Sara, what is the name of your book? J x

    • “A Fresh Dawn on My Many Steps”. I can send you a copy. It’s not available online. Very amateurish… I don’t even call it “book” ;-)

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