Weekly Photo Challenge – Free Spirit

This week’s photo challenge theme is Free Spirit.

I had a bit of a hard time choosing which photos to include here. I think I have to better organise my photos so that retrieving a couple doesn’t become a tedious task.

Here’s my take on this week’s theme:





30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Free Spirit

  1. Lovely entries, Sara, I especially like the first two photos. And the others are very cute. That squirrel is adorable with this eyes closed😀

  2. Wonderful photos! I’m glad I found your blog:-)

  3. I like the cat on the notebook!

  4. I like ur writing and ur photos . I will have to put my photo on. I am half Italian mature budding amateur reporter/writer I wrote about my family’s life in a Bedfordshire Village.My dad died in 2000 ex prisoner of War , my English mum last year. Our local paper printer a condensed version of it in consecutive editions. I would love ur feedback. thanks Clive Salvatore Lombari

    • Hi Clive! Or maybe I should call you Salvo?😉 thank you for stopping by and for writing your nice comment!

      • salvo is fine how many languages do u speak? and wot is ur profession?

      • I’m a vet. Four and 1/2: Italian, English, French, Spanish and a bit of Swedish. You?

      • wow harder than being a doctor ! you must b smart
        English , then Francais pour cinq ans, poco Italiano , poco espanol! so only Ingleterra really.So you blog in a foreign language as well.

      • Yes, I do try to blog in Swedish. I’m sure any Swede who stumbles upon my other blog must have a good laugh😉

      • i just read the stieg larsson trilogy.The names of swedish towns were hard enought to read

      • Well, I have to agree. I read the trilogy as well and after a while I was a bit skipping the various names… yeah yeah. That.😉

      • If u know the answer to this I will really be impressed.
        What 3 countries fought against fought against the other 3in the First World War and what country left the War in 1917.?
        residency test question

      • This is an easy one: Germany + Italy + Austro-Hungarian Empire against UK + France + Russia
        Russia left in 1917. I think they were a bit busy with the revolution…
        Do I qualify as British national?😀

  5. i also like the cat on the laptop. They always know the warmest spots.

  6. Great pictures… the squirrel is so cute!!

  7. All great – my favorites are the cat and the silhouette!

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